General Book Information

This forming book project seeks to draw together wisdom from the Catholic Worker tradition, New Monasticism, and other communities with a similar vision.  The book’s focus will be both practical (sharing the nuts and bolts of community life) and inspirational (highlighting the amazing array of works being done).  We hope the book will be a resource for people looking for community, and for those seeking to enhance community life.

Our main sections will include:

  • Forging Community  (Mission statements, formation, covenant, location, etc.)
  • Relationships within Community (Raising kids, inter-generational issues, reconciliation, etc.)
  • Communal Structure (Community meals, planned fun, order of the day/week, etc.)
  • Wholeness and Holiness (Common prayer, retreats, tools for inner healing, etc.)
  • Alternative Economics (Income sharing, car sharing,  eating local,  the gift economy, etc.)
  • Reaching Out  (Modes of hospitality, alternative models of family,  acts of solidarity, etc.)
  • Holy Mischief (Nonviolent direct action, prison witness,  war tax resistance, etc.)
  • Embracing the Earth (Anarcho-primativism, permacultue, questioning technology, etc.)
  • Recipe Lists (Various do-it-yourself recipes will be interspersed through out book)

This initiative is being spearheaded by Jenny Truax and Carolyn Griffeth from the St. Louis Catholic Worker, and Mark Van Steenwyk from Missio Dei in Minneapolis.  We hope to attract collaborators to contribute articles and recipes to the book, artwork, and ideas.