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As the title suggests, this forming book project seeks to draw together the lessons learned and varied practices of the Catholic Worker tradition, New Monasticism, and other community traditions that share a similar vision.  Our focus is both practical (to share the nuts and bolts of community life,) and inspirational (to take note of the amazing array of works being done).

Hopefully, this project will share the practical wisdom of our communities in a way that is accessible to one another.  The book will explore the significance of living in a spiritually-rooted community which calls us to transform the world, beginning with ourselves and our intra-communal relationships. Topics covered will include such things as creating a mission statement, consensus decision making, prison support, models of shared worship, raising kids in community, experiments in hospitality, going car-free, just economic models, large scale composting, dumpster diving, reconciliation and mediation, nonviolent direct action, prayers, hand crafts, and DIY culture…just to give you an idea.

We hope to garner articles on these types of subjects from fellow communitarians across the country. We’re also looking for shorter, and written recipe cards on subjects from “how to build an easy solar cooker,” to “how to create a ‘zine” to “how to cook healthy food for a group”.


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